STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Hi I'm Dwain and I'm here to help you cut through the cr*p when it comes to starting and running a successful small business. I will provide you with all the tips, tricks, resources and advice you need to help you start, grow and create profit from your business from day 1 (or whatever day you've already got to). I'll give you nothing but direct, practical and up to date information and actions for you to take to grow your business into a success.

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  • How to choose a name for your business

    Is there such thing as a good or bad name? What do you have to do to make sure it’s the right one? I think it’s so much more about the service you provide and brand you create, let me explain. Here's a quick

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    How to Get over Your Networking Nerves in 6 Easy Steps

    In this workshop I share some tips on how to deal with networking events including how to get over the nerves that we all feel beforehand. I give the 6 essential things to remember when in networking situations including how to break the ice and get into conversations. I also cover how to deal with following up on key contacts and how to manage business cards effectively.

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  • I would highly recommend Dwain as a business coach, his advice has helped my business. He is knowledgeable, intelligent and personable. He always reminds me to “stop complaining and enjoy the ride”.

    Neomi Bennett, Neo-Slip

  • Dwain was able to take my engineering background and direct me to a business minded tack where we worked to define and investigate the correct target market for my device. As a result of working with Dwain, I had a defined preliminary business plan and strategy to develop the correct product for my market.

    Trevor Kerth, Effie

  • Dwain is a wonderful energiser to any event, especially if it has anything to do with business and entrepreneurship

    Dennis Aguma, Founder of NASE

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