• #ASKDwain

    Use this to ask me any question you have about running or starting a business, this could be a straightforward question or a dilemma you're having. Please make sure your question is as short and direct as possible. I will post some dilemmas/answers on social media, but don't worry you will remain anonymous. For a more detailed response, please book a private call.

  • Ask Dwain

  • #AskDwain hashtag is like a Twitter Q&A for people starting, interested in or already running a business.

    You can ask absolutely anything and I will get back to you with some useful information mostly instantly – but within 24 hours definitely.

    It’s like Google but with human responses, instead of filtering through all those paid for links  why not just #AskDwain and get a more direct and probably relevant response to your question(s) about business.

    As a business coach and mentor I want to help as many people as possible. Sometimes you don't want to search a website or invest in mentoring, you just have a simple question you need answering.

    So,if you’ve got a business question, need a service or just want to chat about business use the hashtag #AskDwain and let me know how I can help.

    I have 15 years’ experience running a six figure business and am blessed to be connected to a network of people with far more knowledge and experience, so this not only gives you access to my knowledge but also the expertise of my trusted network.

    I’ll only be doing this on Twitter for now, but who knows what it might grow into. Taken some inspiration from Gary Vaynerchuck who done something very similar – so thanks dude.

    What are you waiting for, get all the answers you need for your small business via #AskDwain


    #AskDwain a Question via Twitter now (this will take you directly to twitter)