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    The 4 essential steps to starting or growing a successful business

    In this interactive workshop you will learn the 4 practical steps involved in getting your business started and thriving. How do you know if your idea is a good enough for business - or why is my business not getting enough customers? What techniques can you use to find and identify your perfect customers? What's the differences between having 100 customers and 1,000s of customers and how do you manage the transition? You will leave this workshop with a clearer understanding of the 4 fundamental stages of going from idea to business success and be ready to get your business off to a flying start or re-energised. This workshop is for anyone with a business idea unsure of the necessary steps to get started or for anyone that has started or running a business but stuck getting it going or profitable. Ongoing support available after attending this workshop. Book now.

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    How to Get over Your Networking Nerves in 6 Easy Steps

    In this workshop I share some tips on how to deal with networking events including how to get over the nerves that we all feel beforehand. I give the 6 essential things to remember when in networking situations including how to break the ice and get into conversations. I also cover how to deal with following up on key contacts and how to manage business cards effectively.



    Seven Secrets of Profitable Public Speaking

    This workshop is for anyone that wants to develop their communication and speaking skills. This is also for you if you want to know how to get over any nerves you have speaking in front of a crowd and you’ll also get insight into how you can get paid for speaking.

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    UK Black Business Show

    I'm proud to be speaking at

    The UK Black Business Show has been created to inspire and connect black business owners and professionals working in various industries. Through business exhibitions, deep-dive workshops, interactive panels and seminars, delivered by industry pioneers, this event will enable personal, professional and corporate development.

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